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Locum Tenens Physical Therapists Jobs

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Eric Robertson, the director of Kaiser Permanente’s Advanced Manual Therapy Fellowship, says he first learned about the profession at age 15, when he was involved in a motocross accident. He required physical therapy, and over the next 10 months of rehab he got to know his therapist really well, and the field appealed to him: “Physical therapy is a real safe, happy approach,” he says. “It offers a meaningful and positive alternative to pharmaceuticals or surgery.”

Indeed, many doctors will refer patients with a wide range of physical issues, from athletic injuries to neurological traumas to physical therapists. These professionals come to the rescue after a stress fracture sidelines a runner, when an awkward slide into home base benches a softball player or after a stroke keeps a person bedridden. First, the PTs evaluate a patient and examine his or her medical records. Then, they plan and execute rehabilitative programs designed to improve the patient’s mobility, increase his or her strength and relieve or at least lessen his or her pain. Treatment plans often include different exercises and stretches, as well as hands-on therapies and machines that assist with improving muscle strength, range of motion and motor function. The job also includes educating the patient – or the patient’s support system – on the recovery process. Physical therapists will also consult with other health care professionals, including physicians, occupational therapists and social workers to offer a patient the best, most holistic care possible.

The future looks bright for physical therapists. Thanks in part to an aging population, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 34 percent growth in this field through 2024. Older patients might require rehab after heart attacks, strokes and other illnesses often associated with advanced age. PTs are also increasingly involved with those who have chronic conditions including diabetes and obesity. Because of these reasons, the BLS projects that more than 71,800 new physical therapist jobs.

Quick Stats

$82,390 Median Salary

1.2% Unemployment Rate

71,800 Number of Jobs

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