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Locum Tenens Podiatry Jobs

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Locum Tenens Podiatry Jobs David Yeager first visited a podiatrist for an ingrown nail during his undergraduate years at Seattle University. He started chatting with Douglas Ichikawa of Bellevue Podiatric Physicians about medicine, and Ichikawa asked if Yeager had ever considered podiatry as a career. At the time, Yeager didn’t know a lot about the specialty, but Ichikawa started informing him. “He also knew I was a student and knew I was broke, and he didn’t charge me,” Yeager says.

That appointment stuck with Yeager, and the more he looked into the field, the more interested he became.

Podiatrists are physicians who diagnose and treat conditions of the foot and ankle, ranging from ingrown nails and bunions to fractured ankles and bone spurs. Sometimes the treatment is as simple as prescribing orthotic shoes or as complicated as performing total ankle implant surgery. Another fact that resonated with Yeager is that podiatrists work with patients that range in age, from infancy to geriatrics.

The ability to help people in a meaningful way and still have a pretty good work-life balance appealed to Yeager, who is now a podiatrist with the KSB Foot & Ankle Center outside of Chicago. “I work four days a week, though if you ask my wife I work seven,” he says. “But I still get to coach my daughter’s soccer team and attend my other daughter’s dance recitals.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that podiatry is poised to grow by 14 percent from 2014 to 2024, resulting in 1,400 new jobs. Since the U.S. population is both increasing and aging, the BLS predicts that more people will have foot and ankle-related ailments. The diabetes epidemic is also driving the job growth, since diabetics often suffer from foot problems.

Quick Stats

$120,700 Median Salary

2.1% Unemployment Rate

1,400 Number of Jobs


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